Vital Security offers a wide range of add-on components for your security system. Take a moment to read more about the optional alarm add-ons you may be interested in:

Cameras: For the ability to check in on your home and loved ones from anywhere you happen to be, have Total Connect cameras installed in your home. Your live video can be viewed from any Internet connection, including your office computer or smartphone.



Locks: For optimal security, trust your lock systems to a qualified security dealer. With Total Connect, your locks can be controlled remotely anytime someone you trust needs access into the home.

Motion Sensors: In addition to the sensor that exists with the standard alarm system, you can choose to place additional motion sensors throughout the home. These can be critical tools in the event that an intruder enters through an unusual zone, such as an open window.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Carbon monoxide has been dubbed “the silent killer” because it is odorless and virtually undetectable to humans. With a carbon monoxide detector, you can protect your family from this dangerous element that strikes without warning.

Outdoor Contacts: We offer a weatherproof, water-resistant outdoor wireless transmitter that provides excellent detection and performance in extreme temperatures. Use it to protect gates, sheds, detached garages and outdoor equipment.

Lighting Control: Lighting control is ideal for anyone who wants a light on when they come home at night, is going on vacation or will be away from home overnight. With lighting control, lights come on and go off at the times you pre-program.


Smoke Detectors: Most states require every new home to contain a working smoke detector. If yours is out of date, trust Vital Security to install a new smoke detector in your home. If desired, it can be integrated with your alarm system.

Door Contacts: If your home features more than one door (most do), then you need door contacts to ensure that every entry point in the home is monitored for intrusion. If any of the door contacts are activated when the alarm is armed, it will sound.

Asset Protection: With a wireless asset protection device fixed to any valuable item in the home, you can know the moment someone attempts to move or tamper with your valuable assets. Place the device in gun cabinets, in safes, on paintings or on high end electronics – anywhere you are storing valuables.

Glass Break Detectors: Smart homeowners know to keep windows closed and doors locked, but some intruders may break a window or sliding glass door. Alternately, some thieves may break the window portion of a wood front door in order to reach in and turn the lock. A glass break detector activates your alarm the moment the glass is broken, to stop intruders in their tracks.

Vital Security will be glad to discuss any of these alarm add-ons with you! Contact us today for a free security evaluation of your home or business.