Alarm Monitoring Services for Your Austin Home

At Vital Security, we offer 24 hour, UL approved alarm monitoring service for your Austin home or business. United Central Control, is the monitoring center we proudly entrust our customers to. They are fully staffed with well-trained, well-paid, courteous alarm monitors who respond immediately, dispatch authorities quickly and stay on the line as long as they are needed. You can count on experienced, skilled and considerate responses to your alarms every time.

The station features built-in redundancies for its power, computer and phone lines. That means if something goes wrong with a power supply, the redundancy ensures that our central station can continue monitoring your Austin alarm system. To provide you with even more optimal protection, United Central Control has a completely staffed backup central station so that you can benefit from an extra layer of monitoring security.

Going Above and Beyond Alarm Monitoring Services in Austin

Most standard alarm monitoring services only monitor alarm signals (activated alarms), even though they are capable of periodically testing the alarms as well. At Vital Security, every system we monitor is programmed to send at least one test per week, so that you can have total confidence that your alarm will communicate with our central station when you need it to.

If your system test is successful, we do not need to notify you; but if your system does not check in, we will promptly contact you to schedule a service appointment. We also regularly monitor your system for trouble conditions so that we can notify you accordingly. These are the ways in which Vital Security goes above and beyond alarm monitoring services in Austin. Please continue reading to learn more about our alarms, and then contact us to schedule a free security evaluation for your home or business in Austin.