I can't get service or I'm unhappy with my current provider. Can I switch my alarm service to Vital Security?
Yes. We have extensive experience with all kinds of alarm systems. Call us today for a free home or business security review.

Do I need a home phone line to have my security system monitored?
No. We offer cellular and internet based monitoring solutions. No phone line is necessary.

Can I control my security system with my smartphone?
Absolutely! We offer the leading interactive services from alarm.com and Honeywell Total Connect. You will be able to control your system by downloading our free mobile app.

What happens when my alarm system is activated?
If your alarm system is triggered by an intruder then the local siren will begin to sound at your home or business. Next our monitoring station receives your alarm signal and quickly responds by calling your predetermined contact list. If no one is reached after the second contact then we will dispatch the appropriate authorities and continue down your contact list.

Can I view my cameras remotely over the internet?
Yes. Whether we use a cloud based solution or a local system you will have access to your live and recorder video remotely. A high speed internet connection is needed where the cameras are located.

What happens to my alarm when the power is out?
Your security system contains a backup battery that will provide power to the security system in the event that you lose electrical service. If the battery gets low your system will alert you of this trouble condition.

Will my insurance company give me a discount for having a security system?
Most insurance companies realize that if you have a monitored security system your chances of being burglarized are much less. This means savings for them in reduced insurance claims. They are usually willing to pass some of this savings on to you in the form of a discount on your homeowners insurance premiums.

Why should I choose Vital Security as my security provider?
Simple. We are dedicated to our customers! We are a locally owned and operated Austin alarm company that will provide you with the latest technology combined with unbeatable customer service.