Fire Alarm Systems for Your Austin Business

Fire damage can wreak untold devastation on your Austin business, including loss of property, danger to employees and legal liability. It can cost you everything you worked so hard to build. Don’t let fire damage destroy your livelihood; invest in a fire alarm system and monitoring service that can dispatch authorities the moment a fire breaks out. Getting the fire department on the scene to extinguish the fire in those first few minutes is the key to preventing as much serious damage as possible.

Different sized businesses will have different fire alarm needs, and Vital Security can address them all in Austin, Tx. We primarily install Honeywell Firelite systems, but will work on other brands or take over the monitoring of other brands upon customer request. If you need a fire alarm system or fire alarm service, ask Vital Security to provide it!

We also offer fire alarm inspection services, including annual inspection, monthly inspection and emergency inspection in Austin to ensure your alarm is compliant with fire regulations and in compliance with state codes, including the National Fire Protection Association Code 72. We are also licensed by the state fire marshal, so you can be assured we are highly qualified to perform your fire alarm inspection in your Austin home or business.

This is fire protection you can count on. Contact Vital Security in Austin today to request information on fire alarms for your business, or for fire alarm inspection services. We look forward to answering your questions.