Access Control System in Austin


Access Control for Businesses in Austin

With workplace intrusion on the rise, it makes sense that more Austin businesses are taking advantage of access control. An access control system can protect the occupants of your building from disgruntled former employees, pedestrian intruders, career criminals and anyone else who would disrupt their day. It helps you, the business owner, determine who can and cannot enter the building on their own.

With an access control system from Vital Security, anyone who successfully swipes an activated credential device at the door can enter during business hours (or any time frame you authorize during programming). Those who do not hold a credential device cannot enter on their own, because the door remains locked to them. It’s simple and effective. We also offer biometric access control, which enables users to scan their thumb print rather than swipe a credential device.

We offer many different programming options for access control; for example, we can install a system on certain zones of the building, like executive offices or restricted areas. If desired, we can provide total building lock down services when they are needed. And finally, we offer an access control managed solution that allows you, the owner or administrator of the business, to approve and delete users. We offer a fully customized access control system from ground up; however you need it, that is how we build it.

With an access control system from Vital Security, you can:

  • Protect your assets
  • Protect your employees
  • Restrict unauthorized access
  • Provide an audit trail
  • Eliminate key problems

There’s no better way to take charge of your Austin business security. Contact Vital Security today to discuss a customized access control solution for your business. We look forward to learning how we may be of service.