Honeywell Vista Security System Trouble & Check Codes


Have a trouble condition on your Honeywell Vista Series Security System? Use the following instructions to determine what the trouble is and find out how to stop the system from beeping.

The trouble or check condition is an indication that something is not functioning properly on your Honeywell Vista security system. When a trouble is present the system will sound a continuous fast beeping indicator sound at the systems keypad(s) to alert you of the trouble condition. 

To silence the trouble beep simply enter your 4 digit code followed by the OFF(#1) key, at the keypad.

Now press * on your security keypad to cycle through the open zones and trouble conditions.

Use the following list to identify your trouble condition:

COMM FAILURE or FC - Indicates that the system has attempted to communicate with the monitoring station but was unsuccessful.

SYSTEM LO BAT or BAT with no zone # - Indicates that a low system battery condition exists. Call for service.

LO BAT + zone descriptor or BAT with zone # - Indicates that there is a low battery condition in the wireless transmitter number displayed. Either replace the battery yourself or call for service.

RCVR JAM or CHECK 90 - Wireless part of the system is experiencing RF interference which may impede reception from wireless sensors.

CHECK + zone # - Indicates that a wireless zone is either not communicating properly or that the devices cover has been removed.

ALARM 1xx FAULT 1xx CHECK 1xx or 91 - Indicates a communication problem between the control and a connected device (e.g. RF receiver, zone expander) where the xx indicates the device address. Call for service.

MODEM COMM or CC - Indicates that the control is online with the Central Monitoring Station's remote computer. Wait a few minutes - the display should disappear.

BELL FAILURE or CHECK 70 - Indicates that the wiring connection to the siren/sounder is faulted. Call for service.

AC LOSS or NO AC - The system is operating on battery power only due to an AC power failure. If only some lights are out on the premises, check circuit breakers and fuses and reset or replace as necessary. If AC power cannot be restored and a "low system battery" message appears call for service.

Busy-Standby or dI - If this message remains displayed for more than 1 minute, system is disabled. Call for service.

OPEN CIRCUIT or OC - The keypad is not receiving signals from the main control panel. Call for service.

Long Rng Trbl or bF - This indicates a failure in your communications device. Call for service.

TELCO FAULT or CHECK 94 - The telephone line connected to the system has a problem. Call for service.