Cellular Communications for Home Security


  • Save Money - Drop the land-line and save money. The average phone bill is around $40 a month and you can avoid this additional cost with our cellular monitoring service.
  • No phone line needed - with cellular monitoring theres no need for a phone line.
  • Safe and Secure Connection - eliminates the threat of an intruder being able to cut your phone line to compromise your system.


Phone Cut Protection

For burglars, it is incredibly easy to cut your phone line. For most houses, accessing a phone line is as easy as getting into your backyard. If your security system communicates over a basic telephone line, cutting the phone line cuts off all communication and the monitoring station will not be able to respond to any signals from your security system. Our cellular monitoring service eliminates this threat, because it is wireless and tamper proof. This is a big advantage for those who no longer maintain a landline phone at home. Now, there’s no need to worry about how your alarm signal will reach the monitoring center; our cellular communications technology does it seamlessly. With wireless alarm monitoring, help can be on its way no matter what.

Contact Vital Security today to inquire about cellular communication for your alarm monitoring service. We look forward to explaining this technology to you during your free home security evaluation.