10 Tips For Staying Safe This Halloween

Fall has arrived, that means cooler temperatures and of course it's time for Halloween. You want your kids to be able to have a fun time trick or treating but don't forget to keep in mind some of these easy tips to stay safe this Halloween. 

  • Plan a Route Ahead Of Time

Take the time to plan a safe and acceptable route to use on Halloween Night.

  • Use Apps That Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Trick-Or-Treaters

Take advantage of technology here. There are several apps that will allow you to track your kids through the neighborhood this Halloween.  Here's a few options:
FamilySigna (available on iOS)
Life360 (available for iOS and Android)
Glypmse (available for iOS, Android and Windows) 

  • Visit Homes Where Porch Lights Are Lit

Teach your kids the importance of going to homes with a porch light on. This is a common signal to invite trick-or-treaters to come a knockin'. Stay away from dimly lit homes or ones with no porch light on.

  • Watch Out For Cars

Kids are smaller and harder to see, especially at night. Let your kids know how important it is to look for cars before walking into the street. It's best not to cross the street mid block so walk to the nearest corner and look both ways before crossing. 

  • Use Glow Sticks To Help Be Seen

Besides being enjoyable for the kids, glow stick necklaces and bracelets are a great way to make sure your kiddos can be seen by other people and drivers.

  • Send Your Kids With Emergency Contact Information

If you are sending your children out without adult supervision it's a great idea to prepare a simple emergency contact card to put in their pocket or candy bag.

  • Stay With A Group

The old saying of safety in numbers definitely comes to mind here. Let your children know to stick with a group. Don't split up and go off alone.

  • Check Your Child's Candy

Instruct your child not to eat any of their candy until you have had a chance to inspect it for any signs of tampering.

  • Never Enter A Strangers Home

Stranger Danger! Let your kids know that it is not safe to enter a strangers home. 

  • Be Careful For Sugar Overload

Kids don't always understand that it's not a good idea to consume massive amounts of sugar at one time. Make sure your kids have a light meal before going out and allow them to eat a safe amount of candy. Save the rest for later.