Top 10 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

So, you're thinking about getting a home security system and you wonder if it's really worth the investment. All to often we get a call from home owners after they have experienced a loss from burglary, fire, flood or other devastating event. Don't wait until you experience a loss to protect yourself from these life changing events. Having a well designed, well maintained, and monitored security system can reduce your chances of loss.

1. Protection From Burglars

Protection from intruders is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of a home security system. These systems were originally only installed in businesses to protect them from burglary. Over the years they slowly became adopted by homeowners as an important part of a safe home. They have since evolved to provide much more than just protection from intruders.

2. Protection From Fire

Most people are unaware that fire protection can be added to a home security system. The benefit of having fire protection with a monitored security system vs standalone smoke detectors is that the monitoring station can dispatch the fire department when the alarm is tripped. This can help save damage to property and lives by getting the authorities on their way as quickly as possible.


3. Door Chime To Keep From Being Surprised 

One great feature of a home security system that flies under the radar is the keypad chime feature. You might think your security system can only help you after you have turned it on but the chime feature works when your system is not armed. It announces the opening of any covered door in your home. This can be great for people who leave their doors unlocked during the day. Ever been startled by someone being in your home when you never heard them come in? What if that were a burglar? The chime feature can help prevent this.

4. Remotely Monitor Your Home

Today's security systems give you the ability to monitor and control your home security system while you're away with mobile devices. If you forget to turn your system on when you leave you can simply login to your system and activate it. With this feature you can also control your home's thermostats, lights, door locks and so much more.


5. Save On Homeowners Insurance

Not only does investing in a monitored security system provide you with protection and peace of mind, it also can get you a discount on your homeowners insurance. Most insurance companies realize the benefits of having a monitored security system and are willing to give you a discount on your homeowners insurance because of this.

6. Peace of Mind

I know this may sound cliche, but being a homeowner and a long time security system user I have experienced the peace of mind that comes with knowing if someone attempts to break into my home, I'm going to know about it. You can have this peace of mind when you are at home sleeping, on vacation, or just gone to the grocery store.

7. Protection From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Another great add on to a security system is detection for potentially deadly carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas which is found in combustion fumes. It is undetectable to our senses but is lethal to the human body. Once again you get the added benefit of this device being monitored when it's connected through your home security system.

8. Protection From Flood

Flood can be a devastating event to a homeowner. Security systems can be outfitted with devices that detect for flood near potential water sources. 

9. Help Keep Track Of The Kids

With interactive services added to your home security system you can receive a text or email letting you know when the kids arrive home from school. You can also look in with security cameras to keep track of who your teens are letting in while you're away.

10. Deters Crime

Numerous studies have shown that homes that have a security system installed are far less likely to be burglarized than homes without a security system. Having a home security system not only protects your home and valuables it can help make your neighborhood a safer place to live.